Lancaster and some other goodies

A couple of weeks ago my parents came to visit.  Usually when they come my husband and I get to take a mini vacation which is always welcome! This time we decided to go to a beautiful B&B in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania- it was spectacular! Very rural but quite beautiful! The English gardens in the back yard were just amazing- I wished I had brought a couple of quilts to photograph there.

 As part of our mini vacation we went driving to see the Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse PA. They have the cutest boutiques, a yarn shop and the best homemade jams and such!  O f course my favorite stop there is to go to one of the best quilt shops in Lancaster! The Old Country Store  is right across the road from this unique shopping village and let me tell you, if you are ever in the area you have got to check them out! 

They have one whole wall dedicated to MODA.   They have kits, books, and precuts. They have an entire section just of Kona solids and of course reproduction fabrics. 

T L-R: Store front,Kona solids wall. B L-R: MODA wall, Cutting table

You would be hard pressed if you could not find something you liked there.  As it was there was a ton of fabrics I wanted but just could not justify getting. So, I decided to get some basics for applique and sashing and since I have these charm packs of Funky Monkey for ever, I got some yardage of Goodnight Monkey in Flannel to do a quilt for my son. 

In the front of the store they sell gifts and other handmade items and they also sell handmade quilts from right there in Lancaster county!  The best part though is the quilt museum they have above the shop.  It was definitely the highlight for me!

Since it is summer, I tend to go back to work on embroidery/stitchery and applique  projects and am incorporating some of this into my latest designs! I was reading on twitter about Sublime Stitching’s cute little floss cases and just had to have one! Here is the loot from there: my little polkas dot case (LOVE dotties!) and some thread heaven (recently recommended to help make my applique and embroidery smoother).

So it has been a good couple of weeks for stash building and goodies!  I am going to head off now but in my next post I will start introducing my latest patterns that debuted at market!  Oh and just a heads up- I will be having a giveaway on that next post too and just so you can get a head start- see the google followers box up there on the left hand column? Well, anyone who is already a follower prior to the giveaway will get 2 extra entries for the giveaway so check it out!  I will be back in a few days to tell you all about it!

Until Next time!


The last of Market Wrap-up and A Swap!

So last post I talked about setting up our first booth at International Spring Market in May, well now onto the other fun stuff that is market! The night before it opens, there is the fabulous event that is sample spree.  It is literally a mad dash to get the latest and greatest coming out.  People line up for hours prior and we were no exception! I waited as patiently as possible with some old and new friends.  One friend that was very new to us was  Annik – this was her first market so we were filling her in on our own experiences. Please pop over to Annik’s blog Mini Mushrooms and say hello- she makes the most fabulous  bags. It was great to meet you Annik!  Of course I also sat with my old Quilt Buddy Stefanie  and Jennifer.  It was so exciting to talk about what we wanted and where we were going once it was time.  I took this pic from our vantage point of one of the 3 lines….

….crazy right?  Once inside, I went for the Moda and Lecien Co. tables first and got most of what I was looking for!

Then after Sample Spree, we stopped in at the Fabric 2.0 party at the Hyatt Martini bar…pretty cool to meet some fellow bloggers IRL! Specifically I finally met John aka Quilt Dad and I also met Carla from The Scientific Seamtress and saw Angela again (she was there with her uber nice mom)-great to see you again Angela!  So great to meet so many of the faces behind some of my fave blogs!

The next day opened market. That in itself is a surreal experience! Having attended before I figured it would be old hat, but it is definitely different while showing your own work.  In the next week or so I will be introducing the new quilts that we showed in our booth and tell you a little bit about them, so please come back for that!  I lucked out and had fabulous people in the booths surrounding me.  To start with the beautiful ladies from Favorite Things– they were there all the way from Vancouver! Their booth was so cute.  Across from them I met the wonderful Darlene from Crow River Mercantile.  It was her first time as an exhibitor too so we had lots to share- she also had some pretty awesome wool BOM’s.  Next to Darlene and across from me was Rebecca Ruth-her and her husband were so fun.  And on the other side of me I met Tiffany and Roni from Tiny Seamstress Designs.  Tiffany’s bags are just to die for!  Unfortunatley I only had pics of Tiffany and Roni as I really did not get to take many pictures at market- just too busy! 

Aren’t they awesome?! We all had a lot of fun helping each other out, having a little drama {security?!} and meeting some fabulous people along the way.  I was sad to say goodbye to these fun ladies!  One of the coolest meeting to happen was when Mark Lipinski came down our row ( thanks to Rebecca)! I was actually on a small break and Stefanie asked him to wait until I got back….I guess he admired my Pocketful of Posie’s quilt… so once I came back and got to meet him we had our picture taken in front of said quilt.  I tell you, Mark is just hilarious in person! What a sweet guy he is too- he had us all in stitches and it was quite the excitement for us down in row 1!  If by chance you read this Mark, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and thanks for the picture!

Photo courtesy of Annik Miller/Lemonade Bags

Along the way I also met up with some other new bloggers and some I have met before! Unfortunately I did not carry around my camera {shame on me} but it still was great to meet Anne Suttton, Lynette Anderson, Brenda RiddleMonica/Happy Zombie, Pam Kitty Morning, V and Company and Kate Spain.  I am so happy to have met or seen all of you and hope to see you again at Fall Market!In the end Market was an awesome experience and I had so much fun, learned a ton and met some great people- old and new!   One last picture from Minneapolis is of the goodies I brought away with me from Market:

I hope to have some new designs using some of these soon so be on the look out for it! Oh and next week I will be having a giveaway that will include some of those goodies AND do you see the 2 rulers in the bottom of the pic?  They are these very cool new tools that I will be blogging about in one of the next posts!  They are so gonna make life easier! Susan Brown from Simplicity Studios had a booth in row 1 with the rest of us too, and did an awesome demo using these that had me sold! 

As parting news, I also got accepted to be be in my second Doll Quilt swap!  This one proves to be just as cool as the last as people are already posting their ideas and some have already started on their quilts!  I am excited about this one as I too already have some good ideas for my partner!  If you would like to see what this is all about please click on the button below for some awesome inspiration! Definatley some really talented people in this one!!

 So that ends my market posts -in the next few posts I will be introducing the new patterns for Quilt Nook Gal Designs, talking about my trip to Lancaster’s Old Country Shop and of course talking about the awesome rulers that I got at market- oh and don’t forget, the post market giveaway will be announced in one of those posts!

Until Next time!


Market Wrap-up

What a whirlwind this past couple of weeks have been! As it turns out I did not get a chance to blog from market but I am now back at home and ready to share the experience!  Preparation  for market is insane! Soooo much to think about- but it was a fun process! Here is the stack of quilts all ready to be packed for the ride to Minneapolis!

 Once we got there it is a fairly simple process of registering and then to set up the booth! That was a surreal experience as I have only seen pictures up until now of the convention hall before it is all primped and prettied.  This is what greeted me as I walked down our row to the booth.

The bare bones of the booth

 So over the next couple of days we hung curtains, arranged the quilts, put out chocolate (all quilters love chocolate right?), patterns and business cards.  

(Photo Courtesy of Stefanie Roman/Little Lady Patchworks)

 After all of that, this is the way the booth looked by the time the doors opened on Friday morning! Bring on the quilters!

So there you have it- my first installment of our first market as an exhibitor! I will be back later to share some of the new quilts that Quilt Nook Gal Designs introduced in a little more detail and of course some more market wrap-up!

Stay tuned!


I’m Sew Happy!

Well, if you haven’t noticed I have been MIA lately! Well, with good reason- let’s just say that in addition to some family stuff there is a lot of great things happening at the Nook lately! To start with I have been designing up a storm….the reason you ask? Well it just so happens that Quilt Nook Gal Designs is making it’s debut at the International Quilt Market in Minneapolis in a few weeks! So needless to say Nina has been humming along at quite a pace, and I have been doing quite a bit of sewing and such in preparatrion to have my samples made in time.  So, if you are going to market, I will be in booth # 1137, so please come on by- I would love to meet you in real life! If not I will be trying to blog from market to let you know how my first time as an exhibitor is going.  I am really excited to embark on this new adventure! Stay tuned!
On other news, around the time of market, The Quilt Nook’s blog will be moving to a new home!  Another new adventure for us is that I am working on a new website that will house not only the blog but a spot where you can purchase some of my favorite notions and of course Quilt Nook Gal Designs patterns! Don’t worry though- I will link through here and let you know when to update your links!
As spring is  in full swing here at the Nook household, I realize that it really is a season of renewal, growth and forward motion -so I think this makes it the perfect time to expand my horizon further into the quilting world! I hope you are all along for the adventure and hopefully I will have only more good things to share with you in the coming weeks, as I finish preparations for, and attend market! Please stay tuned! 
Good things happen when you dream big!!
Until next time a little sneak at what I have been working on for market!
Happy Dreams and I will be back in a little bit!

DQS8 swap quilt received!

I wanted to share the wonderful quilt I received in the mail a little bit ago! This is my fabulous DQS8 swap quilt that travelled all the way from France to live with me here in the Nook!

Thanks so much to Béatrice who was my angel for this swap! I love it! I will be hanging it in my studio as it complements the colors in there perfectly! This swap has been fun to do, and I have seen some wonderful inspiration from a wonderful group of people! I definitely would love to participate again!

I will blog about mine once my swap partner has received hers so as not to ruin the surprise!
Happy swapping!


Today’s mail brought some yumminess my way….in the form of Lecien Cosmo 2 strand embroidery thread!!!

I am loving this thread for my stitchery’s and embellishing quilts! It does not knot or tangle and has the most beautiful array of colors! This little stash is for a new pattern I am working on and some may make it into my DSQ8 swap quilt!! If you have not tried it I suggest you pick up a spool and do so….it is to die for!!
Happy stitching!

I am sure everyone worldwide knows about the devastation and tragedy in Hatii, well if you are wanting to help out here is an idea- Kimberley Jolly over at Fastr Quarter Shop is have ing a silent auction of some wonderful quilts by designers like Bari J and Me and My Sisters Designs. The proceeds are going to go to some of the trusted charities she has listed here to help with the aid in Hatii. This is an awesome idea so chek it out!!

Happy 2010!!

Well Happy 2010!! I know here at the Nook, I am still getting the holidays put away but I am excited for the prospects that are coming our way this year! I am busy re-organizing the nook, re-vamping my blog and website and just getting back into the swing of things.

I am continuing to work on my Don’t Look Now’s Quilt Along and I have also been working on some new quilt designs for the next few months. I also have signed up for my first swap of the year! The Doll Quilt Swap 8

This is my first time doing the Doll Quilt Swap but I think it will be fun! I will be posting more once I find out who I am making for- well at least some sneaks as it is a secret! LOL! Should be neat! You can go here to see some of the previous swap quilts that are just spectacular! I also did a mosaic of my faves to give my swap partner some inspiration! Check it out…..

Here are the links for the pics used above: 1. Make Mine Ava, 2. A little something…, 3. Dresden Quilt, 4. double hourglass~ a close-up, 5. I (heart) pink!, 6. Doll quilt, 7. Finished Doll Quilt, 8. My little birdie quilt, 9. dqs7 recieved!, 10. mini quilt., 11. Welcome to the patchwork family, 12. Great Aunt Irma Patchwork Pillow, 13. close-up, 14. doll quilt swap 6 {s}, 15. flower sugar quilt, 16. dqs7 from flossybossy, 17. from quiltotaku 1, 18. fieldquilt, 19. Jessica~dqs6b, 20. Dec’s 6″-12″ mini quilt swap, 21. A little birdie told me…, 22. Not Really Prairie Points…, 23. Doll quilt swap III, 24. Doll Quilt Swap 4 – it’s finished!, 25. Little summer bird, 26. Flower hanging, 27. Blossem Tree, 28. Birdhouses, 29. Finished, 30. ready to handsew the bindings
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Well, I hope you are all enjoying your 2010 so far and here’s to much more in the rest of the year!