Today I started my morning pretty much the same as any day… the wee one wakes me up way to early and we get up and start breakfast. Then when the kiddies are sitting with their breakfast I get tea and toast and go spend some time on the computer. Today I decided to catch up on my blog-hopping! I have discovered many new blogs ( new to me anyway) today and one in particular, Home Sweet Home, is having a great give away!! One is a known gift of the cutest pins for our pin cushions and the other is a mystery prize! How exciting! Needless to say I also visited the Pinks and Needles blog and her Etsy store where Jo found these adorable handmade’s! So head on over to both sites and check them out!

I also decided to join my first swap! All Stitched Up was having a pincushion swap (it is full now and underway) and since I have discovered a love of pincushions, I joined in! So exciting as our swaps are international and secret!!! I cannot wait to see the finished products!

On that note I wanted to say….Happy blog-hopping!


3 thoughts on “Blog-hopping!

  1. Hi Cara, Thanks for stopping by my blog ‘Home sweet home’ and leaving a comment for my giveaway. I wish you the best of luck. I will link you to my blog as well when I get a chance so you will end up with somemore visitors too! Jo x

  2. Hi Cara!I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you caught my blog on a day when my server was moving me to a new platform and all my blog posts were showing up in reverse order — which means you registered for a drawing that happened in July! Hope that makes sense! Hopefully they have the problem solved now and my blog is showing in the correct order. The good news is that you commented and now I’ve found your fun blog!

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