Organized Chaos finished!

Well, I have completed Organized Chaos and finally downloaded the photos I took of it. I am excited that I have another finish under my belt- even if it was started last year! I used YLI blue variegated thread on the border and for the feather stitch on the blocks, cream in the polka dot border and Valdani variegated pink on the blocks. I love the YLI and Valdani threads! They are wonderful to work with.

So as I have finished a project, I was going to allow myself to start the project from a couple of posts ago….well then all of the patterns I have ordered recently came in and I wanted to work on those, and my Dear Baby Jane’s. So the quilt I have started is a pattern by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches that I ordered from Australia called “Home Sweet Home”. It is too cute and I am excited to finish it! I managed to piece it all and trace the stitchery patterns yesterday and then I have finished one of the stitchery’s already! It is going to hang in my foyer to welcome people when they come in the door!

Stefanie and I also ordered “Butterfly Garden” by Leanne’s House and are going to start that together so both of us are in the process of picking our fabric’ s and then piecing the first block. This will be an ongoing project that we hope to put the finishing touches on together at our quilt retreat in November. Will keep ya posted.

O.K. so I am off to stitch some more birds and the Home Sweet Home block…more tomorrow about the goodies I got at ‘strip’ club on Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Organized Chaos finished!

  1. Great quilt Cara, love the colors. I just purchased Home Sweet Home a couple of weeks ago. It’s so cute. Wish I had time to start with you.

  2. Your finished quilt is so wonderful, Cara! And all of the projects you are starting are ones I have seen and dreamed over. I can’t wait to see your progress!

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