More Dear Baby Jane’s!

These are the Dear Jane blocks I finished last night. They are M-10 Simple Simon, BR-1 Rosemary’s Rainbow and E-9 Quilt Jail respectively. I rotary cut and pieced traditionally M-10- a simple nine patch. BR-1 I FPP (freezer paper pieced) it and it was not bad at all! Now, E-9, much more tedious. In the software Brenda has given some tips and insight based on having finished her quilt and she recommended to FPP as she felt it would make the job easier. It still was giving me a little grief! The pieces are small and pressing them was not fun. I think if it does not fit in with the color scheme as I progress, it will be a redo. If I redo it I think I will try to piece it traditionally. The pic looks wonkier than it is- the one border was not flat when I photographed it but I did not notice until I downloaded it- but still I am not completely happy with that block. We’ll see!

Otherwise, I just need to finish my Birdhouses and the vines in the middle block of Home Sweet Home and then I can quilt it! Yeah! I think I will try to get some more blocks done tonight as I appear to be on a roll and the Dear Jane blog group are up to 33 done. I need to start doing the ones they have to catch up!
Happy Stitching!


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