Market, Retreat and a Sneak…

Whew! I have had a busy couple of weeks, as mentioned in my last post…I attended my first market then we had a retreat to attend and then unfortunately my littlest one has been sick so this is the first chance I have gotten to download allll those pics and share with you!

First, Market was a huge success! Stefanie and I met a ton of wonderful people, saw a ton of beautiful new fabrics and of course got the inside scoop of this wonderful industry. It was overwhelming but exciting and at times so daunting, but overall I am energized and excited about venturing into this amazing world!

The first night we attended Sample Spree which, to say the least, is crazy! We met some wonderful people in line from all over the country and of course met up with Sharon from Red Geranium Cottage and briefly met her friends Nancy and Karen. Then the next 2 days were spent looking through the booths and meeting some of our favorite designers- it was so hard to not be completely star struck, I tell you! Some of our fave’s were Joanna and Eric Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts fame…one booth I really wanted to take a pic of( go here to check out Joanna’s pics) …both Joanna and her husband are wonderful and nice and I am so excited for her new line Patisserie to come out! It is gorgeous! We met Barb Adams and briefly Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs fame. Very beautiful booth that one an award for Best single booth. They also have a really awesome book coming out that had this amazing cross stitch pillow to make! You can go here to check out pics of their booth. We also met Cyndi Walker of Wishful Stitches as well- her patterns are just wonderful. Oh there were so many others and we enjoyed meeting every single one and to see all of their newest designs- very inspiring! Unfortunately I did not realize that I had only taken a couple of photos….Stefanie, I believe took more. I am hoping to be a little better about the camera next time around!

One of my faves to meet was Lynette Anderson and her son Eddie at her booth Lynette Anderson’s designs. She is the sweetest and talked with us a while even offering me some good tidbits of what it is like to design (thanks Lynette!). She is coming out with her first line of fabric in June from Henry Glass. Go to her blog and check out her sneak peaks- too cute! If you have not been working on her cute Noak’s Ark Stitchery, then pop over and check that out too! I am hoping to have some of her paterns and books on my Etsy shortly so keep checking back if any one is interested.

We also bumped into Melly and Rosie from Melly and Me and Rosalie Quinlan Designs fame on the shuttle to the convention center! They were so sweet and so we made a point of stopping by their cute booth and they obliged us with a photo op! Their designs are just darling!

Like I said, Market is a bag of feelings but mostly it shows a wonderful example of our industry and I can’t wait to be part of it someday!
Last weekend, my bestest Quilt Buddy Stefanie came to visit for a wonderful 5 days! The reason was to attend the Lil Country Shoppe’s third annual Quilt Retreat in Rehoboth Beach Delaware. She flew in on Thursday and we began immediately to catch up and of course pack our bags for a weekend of quilty bliss! I of course was way to ambitious and packed several projects of which are still untouched. Instead I pick an intricate wall hanging called ‘Snowmen on Parade‘. It is adorable and I cannot wait to finish it and show you! I will see if I have a pic from the shoppe. It involves applique and paper piecing and the prep from that alone kept me busy! Stefanie managed to get one quilt top pieced and 2 others almost completely pieced. This year we sat with the wonderful sisters that I sat with last year (guess I did not talk too much since they invited me again! : ) ) Here is the group sitting at our table getting some work done. From the back to front: Susan’s sisters Charlane, Nancy and Susan (no blog-yet) and on the right is Stef. I of course am taking the pic so managed to stay out of it! LOL!
Here is a picture of the strip club quilt that was done this weekend and Doris graciously presented it to those members that were at the retreat! WOW! I am not sure what it is called but I will edit when I find out! Doris made this one out of the jelly roll Harvest Home from Blackbird Designs! I cannot wait to make this one!
All in all we had a blast! I am so ready for next years to come already! Doris and Susan did a great job as usual! Unfortunately it did not seem to last long enough before Stefanie was jetting back to her coast : (….
I also manged in the past couple of weeks to send off my Stitcher’s Angel present to fly across the big blue ocean to somewhere in Europe! I have included a sneak peak of what I made, just in case —- reads my blog….I cannot wait to hear she has received it and I hope she loves it!
Once I know she has received and opened it I will post the other pics! I had so much fun doing this and anxiously await my own Stitcher’s angel parcel to come! Thanks Helen for organizing this awesome swap!
Well, I have rambled on for too long and have to go hit the drawing board! Too many ideas in my head! LOL!
Enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Market, Retreat and a Sneak…

  1. Hi Cara. This is your very fortunate angel that recieved your parcel today. I’m at a loss of words, been smiling since the mailman came. I just loved your gifts to me! The colours where perfect and the angelfigurine was just “over the top”. Thank you so very much for putting so much work and thought into the things you’ve made for me.

  2. I would like to know why you Miss Cara and you little MISSY did not invite me to that retreat?? WHY OH WHY??? LOL No tall gals allowed is that it?? You two are just the cutest dang thing ever. Guess where I went yesterday? Sweet Lumpys. I introduced my OTHER friends to your place. It was soooo good. Great to see you both at market. I wish we could have hung out more.

  3. Ooooh my! Can I touch you? To be w/ some of these talented women ~~ wow! It looks like you had a ton of fun and you take such a pretty picture!

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