Moda Fabricmatcher- are you a member?

Wow! I cannot believe this has been such a busy couple of months! I have been working on some last minute projects and getting them finished up so hopefully I can do a big post about the past couple of months! Today though I wanted to use my break from the Nook to tell you about the coolest new tool over at the Moda website. They have this program called Fabricmatcher that you can go in and design one of their quilts using a huge Moda library of fabrics! I have had fun using it and will continue to do so. Check out a couple of my faves from my projects:
Once you sign up you can save all of these! Check out some of the other stashes while you are there!
Now the best part…each month they have a giveaway based on your submitted quilt designs! So the whole thing is a win win…you can pick a pattern and audition fabrics before going to the quilt shop-WIN….you can check out the newest fabrics to come out-WIN and best of all you could win one of their giveaways- definitely WIN! I highly recommend popping over to the site and trying it out!
Well, off to get the little ones into their beds! More posts about some projects very soon!


One thought on “Moda Fabricmatcher- are you a member?

  1. Thanks heaps Cara…this sounds like fun!!Your links just took me to to join up, so I’ll peek back when I’m done…but again, thanks.This does sound like a great tool.Robyn xx

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