WISP’s and a new group!

Do you remember this from before? My pile of hexagons I was working on last summer…

Well, this is what the result was…..

I have since been re inspired by at Lissa at Moda Lissa to pull these out. You see she has a very interesting way of piecing these that might help progress. Don’t get me wrong, I love hand work but I find my time for doing some is fairly limited AND I have too many on the go…so I am going to attempt her tutorial and see if progress can be made toward a finish! Yeah! I will still hand piece them too as it is definitely an on-the-go project and they are fun! I also then found that Robyn from Daisy Quilts has started a Hexagon group to inspire, support and share our love of hexes! Here is the group:
I think I have several hexagon ideas now and am anxious to get some done!

On other notes, I have joined May Britt and Kris in their one-a-month WISP challenge. I have way too many of these and feel the need to finish some started projects! In the interest of this (oh and the fact that the new one has just arrived! 🙂 )I pulled out my 2008 Moda U project. To refresh, this was a 12 month, 15 block (plus filler blocks) applique/piecing mystery quilt! I have seen our shops sample finished (by the wonderful and talented Susan!) and it is gorgeous! So I am piecing the remaining blocks and prepping the applique to finish those blocks. Here is the most recent one I have finished:

Block # 7

and here is my progress along with that:

Blocks #1-6

I have some of the fillers done but no pics yet. I stopped working on them because I wanted to see the finished blocks, then do them, as I was inserting some of my own color choices to make the quilt less of a carbon copy of Susan’s. So I have blocks # 8, 10, 11 and 12 prepped and will be prepping the other 3 today. Once the applique is finished (hand work) then I will finish the fillers and put it together!
So I am off to continue on this project. Hop on over to see Robyn and the Great Hexagon Quilt- Along and join us! I will be back with more progress reports and of course a sneak peak of my new pattern set to come out in February. I also will be talking about the ornament swap Stefanie and I did and all the great BOM’s out there in blog land that I have added to my list of must-do’s!Until then….
Happy hexagon quilting!

8 thoughts on “WISP’s and a new group!

  1. thank you for your visit, I’m happy about it because I love to see what’s up in the blogger world and you have such a lovely place here!Great projects, great fabrics, wonderful background, I’ll love to come back soon again.hugsalda

  2. Hey Cara…Wooohoo!!…and thanks for the links :c)Lovely work and you know I love your pretty hexies!! Have fun!hugsRobyn xx

  3. Hey Cara! Lots of progress happening in your sewing room already by the looks of it – keep up the great work and you’ll soon start to cross those WISP’s off your list! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  4. Thank you for your comment on my blog, you and your little person will love that book! Yes, I agree about the hexagon information from Moda Lissa is GREAT! I always wonder why it takes us so many years to figure out how to do things faster, someone should have thought that process up YEARS ago!

  5. I wanted to do the Moda U project but never made the plunge. I like the block you made.I am interested in doing something with hexagons myself. Just not enough time.I see you have the Saltbox Sampler on your list of things you want to do. I just finished mine and love it.

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