Blogoversary and a giveaway!

Wow! Hard to believe that it has been a year since I started blogging! What a year it has been! I have loved every minute of it! I have met some wonderful people and realized how small the world can be thanks to technology. I have learned a lot, been inspired a ton and most of all had my heart warmed by the generosity of bloggy quilters! In a thanks and celebration of my blogoversary, I have decided to have my first giveaway! So here it goes….. Leave me a comment and I will have a drawing for this wonderful pattern and fat quarter bundle!

The fat quarter bundle is from Urban Chicks latest line “Sweet” by Moda and the pattern is from Fig Tree Quilt’s quarterly publication Fresh Vintage– which if you have not checked out- do! It is awesome!

And to make it fun, in your comment please tell me where you are from and how you got started blogging! I will start:

Hi my name is Cara and I am from Maryland- a small town just north of Baltimore. I got started blogging after reading an article in McCall’s Quilting by Holly Holderman. I started surfing the quilt blogs and decided I wanted to be part of the fun!

So, please leave me a comment by Sunday and I will draw that next day! Oh and if you post a link to this giveaway on your blog let me know and I will give you 2 extra entries!
Have fun and I look forward to reading your comments!
Thanks for a great year! (*just in the nick of time!)


103 thoughts on “Blogoversary and a giveaway!

  1. Happy Blogoversary to you!!! One year goes fast when you have fun!!Who am I then .. Ok..Im Stina from the north of Sweden…where we still have a lot of snow…sigh… can you tell Im longing for spring… and I would very much love some new springfabrics in my stash…hint hint…LOL…Hope I can borrow your little picture to add on the blog… so I can tell some more … but thats kind of stupid… because I want to win…:o)Ok.. good luck everybody!!! Ooops…forgot …why did I start to blog… I had friends that had been blogging and It sounded so fun….and when I finally could buy myself a new computer…the blog was one of the first things I set up!!! :o)

  2. Happy Blogiversary! What a wonderful giveaway…seems made just for me…since I love everything Fig Tree and love “Sweet.” Anyway…I’m Sherri from Nevada and I learned about blogging through the Fat Quarter Shop…I’d signed up for their newsletter and they started their blog…and then I realized there were more blogs and I was hooked!

  3. Enjoy your blog…and congratulations on your blogiversary! I began blogging after leaving live journal. I found I was reading more and more quilty blogs than lj entries so I decided to start my own quilty blog.

  4. Congratulation on your Blogiversary!Love your Give away but who not?I come from Germany and I’ve started blogging about 2 years ago. I wasn’t ever unhappy to be one of the comunity, it’s great to meet so many talented and kreativ “girls” and it’s the best way to stay with so many friends in touch.Good luck to all of us!

  5. My name is Nancy and I live in Phoenix, but originally I’m from Idaho. I got my blogging start, through all the fun creative blogs I kept lurking around. Thanks for the great giveaway, this fabric is so cute!

  6. Congratulations on your blogoversary! I’m Shelley from northern Maine and we too are longing for spring! We just got another foot of snow yesterday, but then, most of the country is having more snow too. I can’t wait for spring most years because I LOVE hanging laundry!!!! It’s my favorite chore and I finally see the bottom of the dirty clothes basket because I can hang three loads out there each day! Well, enough about that slightly off topic comment! 😛 I don’t blog myself, but am a follower to many, and have many bookmarked as well to read on a regualr basis…you need us faithful readers you know! Someday maybe I’ll join the ranks, but for now, I love the comraderie, and the eyecandy and the occassional giveaway like yours. I’ve been here before and will return! THanks.

  7. A full year of blogging! Congratulations! I’m from Ontario, Canada and I just started blogging last month.I read a lot of blogs before that and always thought it looked like fun. When I started I was surprised how easy it was to do. I love how it enables people to make connections all around the world!

  8. My name is Ariel, I started blogging about two months ago! I am a licensed Art Teacher from Indiana, and decided to stay home full-time with my little boy. I just taught myself to quilt by watching YouTube and am on my 3rd quilt this year 🙂 I’m also giving away a doll quilt on my blog:http://www.arieleldridge.blogspot.comnice to meet you! And thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Hi I’m Barbara from Ontario, Canada. Wow a whole year. I’ve only been at it for a few months, but I can’t imagine if I’ll still be at it a year from now. Congrats! And what a give-away, very generous!

  10. Hi there, Congratualtions on hitting the one year mark! My friend and I started a blog in January and are having a lot of fun with it. I too have been bitten by the quilting bug…currently working on #3 & 4 simultaneously. I just can’t stop myself, but I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about!Thanks so much for the chance to win the beautiful fabric and pattern!

  11. Happy Blogiversary!My name is Colleen and I am from east/central Wisconsin :o) I started blogging, browsing for a designer from a great quilt store, and I stumbled upon Covered Porches and Wooden Screen Door’s blog. The rest is history. I was hooked!

  12. Connie W here from SW Indiana. I started my blog in January 2007after reading Judy Laquidara’s blog for about six months and decided I would like to have one of my own. The first one I had was called SIMPLY QUILTED which I deleted in June 2008 and started COOTIE BUG and then moved to COOTIE BUG 2 (unplanned move) when I had some template problems with CB.

  13. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. My name is Ariane. I’m from Ontario, Canada. I started blogging in December 2008 after many months of admiring all the wonderful quilt and craft blogs online. All the blogs are very inspirational. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!!

  14. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! My name is John and I blog at I live in NC. I started blogging almost a year ago because I was eager to get involved in quilt swaps, but most required that you have an active blog to participate. So I took the plunge, and my blog has taken on a life of its own! PS. Ariel sent me!

  15. Happy Blogoversary to you AND ME! Well, ok, mine was a couple days ago. It’s my 2nd blogoversary!I started because a couple friends did and I loved keeping up with them so decided to dive in the fun!Ariel sent me too. 😉

  16. My name is Allison, I am from Seattle but currently live in Cleveland while my husband is a med student. I learned how to sew from my mother, taught myself how to quilt and haven’t looked back since. I started blogging to keep a journal of my life and what I make, because I’m really bad at real journal writing. 🙂 Happy blogging to you! -Allison

  17. Mmm love those fabrics and that pattern, nice giveaway. I live in Idaho, started blogging just out of curiousity and because my son set it up for me!:)

  18. Congrats on one year!! What a lovely milestone to reach.I’m Sue from Niagara Falls,NY.I haven’t been able to get my act together to start my own blog but I do truely appreciate all the inspiration and friendship I find in the blogs I read.Who knew there were so many lovely people out there willing to share so much.Thanks to all the bloggers!Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  19. Hi, My name is Carrie. I live in Central Oregon. The first Blog I read was Anne of Bunnyhill design, that got me reading from one blog to another. It is so amazing to meet people from all over and be inspired by their talent. Congratulations on one year, thanks for celebrating with us by having agive away.

  20. Hi Cara!Happy Blogaversary to you! One year, doesn’t time fly! And such a generous giveaway! Ok…I’m Sara, I live in a small town near Cleveland Ohio. I started blogging just because I wanted to see what it was all about. I really hadn’t gotten too involved in the blogging world, just a place to put my thoughts and now I’m obsessed!!Love your work and I am off to post about your giveway on my blog!

  21. Congrats on your blogoversary. One year just flies by, look, tomorrow is April already!I’m Sandy and I live in Ohio, just south of Cleveland. I started “lurking” around blogs last fall and knew I wanted to be a part of this fabulous community of crafters. Please count me in for your goodies.

  22. Hi Cara! Congratulations on your bloggiversary! My name is Terry and I live in Ohio. I started blogging last August after I stumbled upon some wonderful quilting blogs and thought it would help me be more creative to have a blog of my own. Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

  23. Hi CaraCongratulations on one year in blogland. I just love your blog. I live in Lake Jackson,TX and this is my third month of blogging. I was born in South Africa. I am so inspired by all the nice bloggers. Lovely give away!

  24. Cara,Happy blogversary!! I’m from NE Ohio and I’ve only had my blog since Feb. a friend told me about all the wonderful blogs so here I am… love yours and hope to win your giveaway will post you on mine.

  25. Oh how fun. Thank you for this great giveaway. I am Melanie from Morgantown, WV. I first started blogging when my husband and I moved away from family and we just had to keep our family up to date on our exciting lives. Now that we had a new little baby I started a craft blog full of fun things that I have made her and fun websites and ideas I run across. It’s been so fun blogging and I LOVE keeping in touch with family and friends. I put a link to this free giveaway on my blog as well. I hope I win! 🙂

  26. Hi my name is Karen and I’m from central Arkansas. I got started blogging two years ago when my husband early retired and we decided to start traveling a little bit in our motorhome. I wanted to share photo’s of our travels and keep in touch with my quilting friends and family.Karen

  27. Hi – this is a fun giveaway. I’m Lynn from North Carolina – just east of Raleigh. I am originally from Maryland – very close to Baltimore hon. I started blogging when I was looking for pattern on the internet last year – I typed in what I wanted and up came a blog.

  28. Hi!! I’m Jana from Utah. I started blogging a little over a year ago because my parents were on a mission in Liberia, and it seemed like a good way to keep them updated on my family. I love blogging!!! I love SWEET too!

  29. Hi…and happy anniversary. My name is Annie and I live in Vista, California. I started blogging because my sweet daughter said that she would set me up as a birthday gift. How could I have known what friends I would meet in blogland. A complete joy. Keeping fingers and toes crossed….am in LOVE with SWEET!!!! XXX Annie

  30. happy bloggiversary!i also started blogging less then a year ago and i am having a lot of fun with it.i linked your giveaway in my

  31. Hello Cara…my name is Dzintra and I am from Australia…I started blogging in September last year after I had surgery. I had been reading other blogs…and I pressed the little button that said ‘create blog’…and the rest is history…Please count me in ♥♥♥

  32. Hi Cara…I’m back and have posted a link on my blog back to yours re. giveaway…Thank You…and I want to follow you too…you have a fabulous blog ♥♥♥

  33. Hi Cara! My name is Noa and I’m from Tel-Aviv, Israel…I don’t have a blog but I think I’ll might open some day.Thank you so much for the chance to join!♥♥♥Noa

  34. Happy Blogiversary! What a Beautifullll giveaway. I don’t have a blog but I would love to get those fabrics ♥Thanks for the chance at the blog candy!

  35. Happy Bloggiversary! I live in Ontario Canada out in the sticks and have been trying since January to set up a blog but have the world’s slowest dial-up. So I’m waiting for high speed internet to come to the country and in the meantime have loved blogs like yours to fill me with inspirationand have been sewing and quilting like mad. Please enter my name in your draw.

  36. Happy blogoversary!My name is Adiya and i’m from Israel, I started my blog less then a month ago…Just wanted to share my thoughts and life with people who finds them interesting 🙂Thank you for your blog candy!I have also linked it on my blog:

  37. Great idea for a blogaversary!!!! My name is Patsy and I am from Mississippi. I started blogging several years ago with a cardmaking blog. I just started my sewing blog a few months ago. I am a beginner quilter, but I love getting inspiration from reading others blogs. Have a blessed day!!!

  38. Hi,I’m Osnat and I live now in Santiago, Chile but originally I’m an Israeli.I don’t have a blog yet, maybe one day… Anyway, I would love to win your blogaversary.Thanks for the change,Osnat

  39. great idea and thank youI’m tzippy and working now on starting a blog. i’m collecting ideas and pictures to start with..thank you for the chance to win and have a wonderful day!tzippy

  40. Hi, I’m Lynsey from NE Indiana. I love to blog! I started about a year ago to post pictures of our daughter for friends and family. I’m working on becoming a licensed therapist/art therapist, and I’d eventually like to start a more “professional” blog as well. I love to sew, knit, paint- anything crafty or artsy!

  41. Congratulations on your 1 year! I found out about your giveaway through Sandy’s blog post ( name is Jen and I’m from CT (born and raised). I’m a wife and mom of a bright and cheerful 3.5 going on 10 sometimes little girl. I started blogging back in September when I got interested in sewing and quilting and was on the hunt for some ideas and tips.

  42. Happy blogaversary! Thanks for the chance to win. I haven’t started a blog yet, but I’m thinking about it!

  43. Hey Cara, Mary here from Quilt Hollow in NC. I started blogging just about a year ago but lurked for a very long time while living overseas with my military hubby. I began noticing friendships form, swaps, etc and so forth…jumped in and haven’t regretted blogging! Have a great week and congrats!!

  44. Hi! I’m Stacy from California and I’ve been blogging for two months. My blog started as a knitting blog, but now I’m trying all sorts of new crafts and having a blast.Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. Hi, my name is Liat, and I leave in a small village in the north of Israel. I started my Blog a year aga but almost didn’t write, and a few weeks ago I started posting like crazy… I just love it.Thanks for the opportunity.. hope to win 🙂

  46. What a great giveaway! I’m Anna from Indiana and I just noticed that you’re in the siggy swap — Yay! I got started blogging ’cause I was reading blogs and just thought it looked like a lot of fun. Boy, I had NO idea!

  47. Hello Cara, My name is Jude and I live in Crete, Greece. We don’t have anywhere to buy fat quarters here so I would dearly love to win you giveaway.

  48. Hi, I am Dawn from Nevada. I haven’t been blogging very long. I watched from the sidelines for a while before my friend Sherri talked me into creating my own. Happy blogging and thanks for a great giveaway!!

  49. Hi Cara – this is a beautiful Blogaversary giveaway – a great way to celebrate – thanks for the chance to win – take care – be happy- have fun

  50. Congrats on your one year blogging aniversary! I’m Cici and I live in Skelleftea, northern Sweden. I started blogging when our oldest son was born way prematurely (in week 25) in mars 2007. A friend came to visit at the hospital and lent us a laptop with the request that they wanted to follow our hospital-stay on a blog. It turned out to be a great idea and I’ve kept blogging ever since. It’s a great way to meat others with the same interests! Keep up the good work. Hugs.

  51. Hi my name is Mary and I am from Minnesota. I got started blogging after noticing a “BLOG” tab on the website for my local quilt shop. I had no idea about the quilt blogs and decided I wanted to be part of the fun!

  52. Congratulations Cara! It doesn’t take long for the year of blogging to go, and what a fabulous way to look back at your sewing/quilting year!I am Bec from Australia and I started blogging for company and to share my projects. I live isolated and until this year hadn’t attended any get togethers. Blogging puts a smile on my face, I am amongst friends and like minded people; I get to meet sooo many lovely people that I wouldn’t otherwise get to meet; and all this really makes my day!Bec xxx

  53. Hi Cara, I’m from northern Utah and have been blogging for a year too. I started because I have a friend with a blog and she says the most amazing things. I thought it would fun to start a blog too. My blog may not be amazing but it is fun.

  54. Hey ya’ll! I’m Candice and I’m from South Carolina. I must say that I could count on one hand who I knew growing up that could quilt (or sew for that matter). But once I moved to the West, it’s a different story :). I am playing catch up and excited about learning more. I can sew a mean straight line :)! I started blogging a year ago for journaling purposes and to keep in touch with extended family and friends. It is addicting! I love it- I feel connected to myself and others everyday. Then about a month ago I started blogging about the loveys I make, and actually just got my store up on Etsy. I am very excited to have a new blogging adventure in addition to the first. There is always something fun to find and see on blogs. And I learn so much from others- that’s nice when you are at home most of the time. It half way feels like human interaction 🙂 – HA! Blogs are great! Congrats on your blogoversary!! May you have many more :)!

  55. congrats on your one year birthday………it sure does go fast……..blogland is a wonderful place to be part of……..

  56. Hi, my name is Tali and I am from Israel. I making my first steps at the sewing and quilting world so I do not have a blog yet but I hope I will have one shortly.

  57. Hi Cara!Congrats on your Blogoversary!!! I’m Julia from Germany and I started my blog 1 1/4 yrs ago after discovering that there’s a whole new world of crafty bloggers out there and I so wanted to be part of this. It’s amazing how many blogging buddies/friends I now have all over the world…who I wouldn’t have met if not for blogging…Through “blog hopping” I found way too many great blogs which I folow daily ~ I love reading your blog and looking forward each an every new post.Have a great day ~ hope we’ll celebrate many more blogoversaries together!Cheers, Julia

  58. lovely fabric!!! great giveaway!I’m Hadar from Jerusalem, Israel…i’ll celebrate my Blogoversary next week on April 7. since i started i became blogging addicted and i LOVE it! i started because i never keep the things i make, i just give them to friends and family, so i wanted to document the things i make….i’ve linked it on my blog (see the left sidebar)-!!!Hadar

  59. Happy blogoversary to you! I love this giveaway! My name is Anne and I am from southern California. I got started blogging because my parents live on the east coast and it seemed to be the simplest way for them to catch up on what my kids are doing. My sister blogged for them about her son, so I felt a little pressure too! hahah

  60. What a wonderful giveaway. I would so love to win. I am Lilly from SW Missouri. I started blogging about a year ago. My sister made me do it! I posted about your giveaway on my blog.

  61. Hi, I’m Rebecca from just north of Memphis, TN…I just found the blogging world and I’m thinking to just jumping on the bandwagon…kind of scary…love the giveaway…Thanks for paving the way.

  62. Hi My names Barb and I’m from Australia.We’ve just been experiencing our worst bushfire summer ever in recorded history near where I live.Thankfully the cooler weather seems to be coming our way.I started blogging through friends I met on a craft forum and as they say I’ve just taken off.I love roaming other peoples blogs they are all so inspirational.I’ve just finished doing my first giveaway on my blog as well for my 100th post 🙂 Barb.

  63. Hi there! WOW! I’d love a chance to win some Moda fabric! I’m Carole and I live in New Zealand, and I’ve been blogging for just over a year now. It was a challenge to myself to keep a diary going, as I’ve never been any good at doing this! I enjoyed your blog!;)Carole

  64. Hi. Congrats on your first year in blogland. I’m from Trysil a little town in Norway and I started to blog after looking on all the other great blogs here in blogland. So after great help from Abyquilt I was a part of it. Have a lovely easter. Hugs.

  65. Hi! Happy Blogoversary!Thanks for the candy, I love MODA designs!I’m Ayelet and I’m from Israel. I have a blog in Hebrew which exists for 2 years (I started it when my son was born). I’m also trying out now Blogger (I’ve linked us up, BTW), but the blog is fairly new, and I hardly have any posts.Thanks again!

  66. Congratulation on your first anniversary in blogland. My name i Nancy and I live in Grimstad, a small town by the sea in south part of Norway. I got started blogging almost two years ago with a little help from a friend, Abyquilt.

  67. Happy Blogoversary! 🙂My name is Jolene and I’m from Kitchener, ON Canada. I have a blog, although I don’t use it much now as I’m much too busy sewing and quilting! I love looking at quilty blogs to get inspiration for new projects, though.You can contact me at oachik (at)… Thanks very much!Jolene

  68. Happy blogiversary! I´m Maria from Denmark. I´ve blogging for about 6 month, and I simply love it. It´s a great way meeting nice people an to get inspired!

  69. Congrats to a year of blogging.I´m Ankie from Sweden and have recently started my own blog.I´ve read a lot of blogs and think it´s a fantastic way meeting and talking to people all over the world.

  70. Hi .. I’m Jeanne from near Lizard Lick, NC. Congratulations on your blog. I started blogging a year and a half ago because my sister started one and I thought it would be fun also. Your giveaway is beautiful and anyone who loves quilting will love it, love it, LOVE IT.

  71. Hi Cara, How exciting…a blogoversary!!! Congrats to you. I started blogging quite by chance and although very apprehensive about who was going to read my blog, if anyone, I thought why not. It all began when I was reading all these inspirational blogs full of yumminess! After nearly 30,000 hits to date I admit I am addicted and love everybit of it and am totally blessed to have made some great friendships on this amazing blogland journey! I am from Australia. Jo xo

  72. Hi, I am Nancy from St Louis,MO. I started blogging because of a blogger friend. I love blogging and swapping with other bloggers…

  73. I’m Gayle and live in UT. I love reading blogs because bloggers are so generous and sharing – not just with giveaways, but with information and how-to’s also.

  74. happy blogaversary – and what a great giveaway!!!iv’e started my blog just a month ago – but have become addicted to this world. i love how you can connect with people all over the world and share inspiration and ideas.hope to win – but even if i don’t at least i got to know your blog and now i’ll for sure revisit.

  75. Happy Blogaversary – what a wonderful giveaway to celebrate it with!I’m Dianna and I live in England. I only started my blog recently – I’ve been doing a photo-a-day project for the best part of the past two years, but a time came back in January when I was taking a photo for the sake of taking a photo, rather than because I was enjoying it and wanted to take a photo. I still wanted a way to document what was going on around me though – my daughter growing up (who is also Cara btw!), my crafts, my ramblings and musings – and so I decided a blog was the way forward!

  76. Happy Blogoversary! My name is Jennifer, and I started to blogging as a way to meet fellow quilters. And I am so glad I did! I have made great friends like you 🙂

  77. Hi, my name is Pat and I live in upstate NY. Believe it or not I started blogging just as you did. I think that the first blog I read was Pat Sloan and I was hooked. I love it.

  78. hi,Can non bloggers enter? My name is Vangie and I am compter illiterate when it comes to trying to set up a blog. But I do enjoy reading your blog and several others. I get such great inspiration from all of you.I’ve been wanting to make the Prairie Sweets quilt for some time now. I haven’t seen the sweet line of fabric yet, but I love swell. I’ve already made two quilts from it, with two more planned.

  79. Happy Anniversary!My name is Roxane, I am mostly a knitter. My grandma was a quilter and I would love to start. Winning your giveaway would definetly give me a jump start:) I started blogging about a month or 2 ago and i’m addicted!

  80. My name is Tatyana. I am from Kaakhstan. I love quilting. I start my blogging last year, after readung another quilting blogs

  81. Hi Cara, Happy Blogversay!!I don’t have a blog, as you know, suc a pit to give up an award so precious!!!If I open a blog, it will be just for reason…Cheers :0)Cristina (your Stitcher Angel)

  82. Happy 1 year of blogging. I know I’m too late for your giveaway but I thought I’d join in on the banter anyway. Hi I’m Linda from Ok, formerly Australia. I think Darlene from quiltingdaze was one of the first blogs I read. I decided to start my own many months after discovering the world of quilting blogs, mainly to connect with others and form friendships as I was new to the US and knew no one.

  83. Congrats on 100! And what a great giveaway. I’m Amanda and I live in northern Utah. I started blogging the summer I was pregnant with #1…I had a really, really boring office job where I literally had nothing to do, so I started blogging. It’s been a wonderful creative escape for me since then!

  84. I would love to win this giveaway so that I can share it with the ladies of the church. I try to win fabric or find sales so they don’t have to worry about paying alot out of their pocket since our stuff is pure donations. I am from Bremerton, WA and my blog is If I win this fabric will be used to make a quilt for some person in need or needs some uplifting during hard times. Thank you for this offer! Jennifer

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