Happy 2012!

Well hello again!  It has been a while and I apologize for the extended break but what I love most about blogging is that you can come back at anytime! Well I decided to start the new year off….well…new! So to do that I feel inclined to start with taking this year in a new direction!  I have been busy crafting in all kinds of different forms and after a long self-imposed hiatus, have come back to also quilting again. To end 2011 off right I decided to reorganize and clean out/purge the Quilt Nook so as to get a better idea of what I was still into and what I could donate or get rid of.  That was quite cathartic and it has been lovely to get back into the nook again!  In doing this I discovered I have had a year or so of lots of starts but not so many finishes….I think to start 2012 off new I need to finish what is left behind.  I have compiled a list of this things to follow so as to give myself a place to see my progress.  As you can imagine there are soooo many new things I would like to do as well, but find making project goals while there are still so many WIP’s very counterproductive.  SO here are some of the things I would like to get finished so as to free up my goal list, besides, who doesn’t love the feeling of finishing!


  1. Hexie quilt
  2. Farmer’s Wife quilt
  3. Dear Jane blocks
  4. Label Quilts that have none
  5. quilt and bind tops that are waiting (3)
  6. Complete BOM (3) that I have had on the list


  1. Sugared Violets (85%)
  2. Kate’s Shawl (20%)
  3. Rocky Coast Cardi (10%)
  4. clear the current bobbins (3 different spins)

(it seems I have had a bad case of cast-on-itis lately! OOPS!)

Stitchery/cross stitch

  1. finish  Lizzie Kate winter alphabet (95%)
  2. finish BBD Summer House (40%)
  3. continue BBD Loose Feathers  2009 sampler (just started)
  4. finish Lynette Anderson button club quilts (2)

I also would like to catch up my photos, ravelry data and flickr photos.  I have a Hoop up Swap to write about and pics to upload for stash and finished projects as well.  Hmmm seems I have my work cut out for me~I suppose I should get to work then and tackle my large list! I feel if I can  move some of these to the finished pile, I will be much more inclined to move forward with a clean slate!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Years celebration and I hope to see you here again!

Happy quilting/knitting/spinning and stitching! (LOL!)



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