New to blogging!

Well this will be my first post and my first time blogging…still trying to work out how to customize my blog but I think I will get it! I guess an appropriate first post would be to tell you a little about me and how I became a quiltmaker. I have been quilting since 2002 when I took my first quilt class. I had always sewn (my mom taught me when I was 9) and thought I would really love to make quilts one day so the summer after we got married I wandered past a little shop called The Quilt and Stained Glass Company and went in. Well needless to say I was in love- I proceed to sign up for a class and even though I detested the pattern in the end, I was hooked. My husband then deployed that fall to Iraq and so I figured this was something to keep me occupied. So off to another class! (and another, and so on). In the year he was gone I ended up making 8 Quilts and then rest is all downhill since!
I recently started doing custom baby quilts on commission and am loving every minute of it!
I also have a very close Quilty bud that I share my love (or obsession 🙂 ) of everything quilts with and she will be blogging here as well. Well off to see if I can accomplish anything while the little ones are in nap time! I have to download my photos from the quilt show I went to yesterday and when I do I will post them and the goodies I purchased there later.

3 thoughts on “New to blogging!

  1. Hi Cara, welcome to Blogland, you won’t regret making the leap, it’s great fun and all the bloggers are so friendly. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog – much as I detest it, I’m thinking of sandwiching my quilts on the great big tables they have in the meeting room where I work (they are quite old and scratched so I won’t damage them) just don’t know if I want to mix work and pleasure that much. Happy blogging! Fiona

  2. Sorry – what I meant was ‘much as I detest work’ – when I just read my comment it looked like I detested your comment, which of course is not true at all.

  3. Welcome to blogland, Cara. You will find that the quilting bloggers are real friendly bunch. Just jump in!

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