Well, I finally got the pics downloaded from the quilt show in Lancaster…They are not as good as the goodies pictures as they are from my Blackberry but it will show a little of what I saw! There was this one quilt that I loved the colors and of course was in awe of the beautiful hand quilting….

Oops!! : ) LOL I realize as I add these pics I did not take a one of the whole quilt!! Oh well, the pictures will give you some idea of the beautiful work! Another quilt I absolutely would love to make a copy of is this beautiful Irish Chain! I love everything about it-but especially the applique!

While there of course were tons of vendors but I could only get to a few. This is because I had headed there with kids in tow and some were just very crowded (and of course I was one of those people who had a stroller ; ) ). I did however manage to get to the Rebecca Barker booth and I am in love with her work! It is so inspirational! You can see a few of the selections I got in the “goodies” pic to the right…I had more but I sent them to my best Quilty bud in her latest parcel. I also found Blackbird Designs newest line…At Waters Edge. Got some fat quarters that I absolutely think will need to have some yardage purchased! My daughter also picked out the puppy wall hanging pattern. This was at a neat booth called Rachel’s of Greenfield. She was so happy to see it and said “mommy, I want that one for above my bed.Can you make that and can it be like my quilt on my bed?” How could I resist!LOL! So I have yet another project waiting in the wings and believe me, she will not let me forget it either!

The other great part of this past few days is that I recently purchased Electric Quilt 6!!!!!! All I have to say is WOW and you will understand…. but while at The Quilter’s Hive, I also saw that they had received the new Moda line, Prairie Paisley. OMG! I went nuts! I had to of course get some. So while looking at the bolts, and not being able to pick just a few favorites, my will (and the kids patience) broke down and so I bought the jelly roll. I do however now have a specific pattern in mind for this jelly roll and will dig it out later this afternoon. Here is a pic of my scrummy fabric purchase…
Well, I noticed this morning that I could not find anything in my nook so I am off to have a clean out and see what I can do to organize myself again!

Happy Quilting!


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