Completed Moda U blocks

Our little quilt shop here is participating in the Moda U Piece and Plenty BOM so of course loving everything Moda, as I do, I jumped right on the bandwagon! Our shop sample is being done using machine applique with a zig-zag stitch but I enjoy hand work and decided to do needle turn. The one to your right is the last block I have completed. The shop just gave out block #9 and this is # 6 so I am almost caught up. I did not put pics of all the filler blocks but I am done most of those too. The exception being the PP ones as I am not really in the mood for it. LOL! Otherwise I am concurrently working on the applique for block# 7 and 8. As I complete these I will post.

My Quilty bud in San Diego is also doing this ( in fact we stockpiled the blocks until my January visit and then started them together) and hers is in Madiera. Our shop is doing the scrappy look and I love it, but it has a lot of pink in it. I love blue so I am adding a little blue here and there.

Anyways, a funny story and a question….
When I returned from my little vay-k to San D.
I had worked for the 5 hour ride meticulously and finished appliqueing the first 2 blocks ( minus the flowers on block #1) and got home pretty proud of that accomplishment. I went out to do groceries the next day and when I got home I noticed that in the middle of the living room floor was my stitching bag and the block was on top. (thought I left it on the counter but that was not a deterrent). As I investigated I saw that someone had taken my snips and made several heartbreaking clips into the first block….EEK!
The good news is that she only managed to snip the background. The bad news is I had to pick out all the stitches and re-applique them to a new background…more good news though- it went pretty quick since I had pressed the block and therefore did not have to turn the edges again. She is still to this day apologizing…she said “I just want to do what you do.” How can I stay mad at that!

<= {the block in question, redone of course!}

So after that long winded story, my question to anyone who has insight- How do I know when I can trust my 4 year old with her own quilt?? Most books geared to teaching kids are age 8 but she is showing so much interest that I am afraid she will lose it if I don’t jump right on it. I have allowed her to use her 4 year scissors to cut up my scraps and old freezer templates then glue them to paper but I know it won’t excite her for long.
Gosh, it warms my heart that she want to quilt !!! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Until the next post! Happy Quilting!



7 thoughts on “Completed Moda U blocks

  1. Hi Cara….love the blocks the fabric you have used is just gorgeous…Welcome to blogland, and thank you so much for dropping by my blog and helping me out with EQ6 it was very much appreciated…take care

  2. Hi Cara! I love what you have done with your blog! I think that it really reflects you and your love for quilting! The pictures are excellent and I love the background that you chose!I cn’at wait to read your next posting! Until then…Happy Quilting!Love,Your Quilt Buddy

  3. It’s so nice to see some completed blocks. I joined this thru the Fat Quarter Shop and only have 1/2 of 1 block done, LOL. I think I have a ways to go. Thanks for inspiring me to get started. There beautiful.Karen

  4. Hi Cara, Love your blocks,I was wondering if you have any tips on needleturn. Did you teach yourself or did someone show you. I have a bag that has applique flowers and I’m not sure how to start them.

  5. How fun to see someone else’s blocks. I just finished block 5 so I am 2 behind what out shop has sent out. How are block 7 & 8 coming for you? Would love to see them on your site!

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