Wonderful gift and some other goodies…

Well it has been a while since I posted but I had to go to Canada for my Nana’s funeral service. While I was there I was staying at my Aunt’s home and we were talking about quilting ( she is getting ready to be a grandmother and made her a beautiful quilt for the baby!) and I was showing her some patterns I was making for pincushions. Well she disappeared and came back with the cutest little pincushion that had cathedral windows on it. She said her quilty friend that she used to sew with made it and gave it to her and now she would like me to have it for my collection!! Of course I took it and thanked her profusely! I love when things have a special meaning.

As for my quilting, well it definitely has not been happening…although I did managed to work on my Piece and Plenty block 7 and 8 on the plane ride and a little at my Aunt’s. Otherwise it has been a busy week., I did manage to spend some time giving the Nook a little bit of a clean out in time for spring and hopefully some new orders to come in. In that time I purged a little and rekindled the desire to do some projects. I also made a new bulletin board for my cutting table area. When I started reading the blogs I discovered on someones blog (forgive me, I could not find your post again- I know there were no pics, just a mention of it! I will post the link when I do find it!) a post about making fabric covered buttons into thumb tacks. So here is my efforts on the same! I also had this little magnets that seemed to be the perfect size so I made some of those to since the board is also magnetic.

And last but not least, the Nook’s clean out prompted a visit to my LQS to purchase some supplies for a couple of small projects ( more to come on them) and this is the fruits of that visit! Of course when I got there there were so many new things that have come in this past month that it was hard not to come out with more! I had missed our “Strip” club this past week and the quilt was just beautiful!!!! I may have to go back and get the kit! At least it will entice me to clean out the to TBQ and WIP lists before purchasing the pattern!

As well I discovered Lynette Anderson’s free stitchery BOM and have decided to do it! That is what the skeins of floss and the cream fabric above were bought for! I am excited to get started! SO off I go….oh ya, I just want to say welcome to Stefanie, the quilt buddy, and hopefully we will get to see some of her WIP’s soon!


5 thoughts on “Wonderful gift and some other goodies…

  1. Hi Cara!I love your Aunt’s pincushion! What a great way to start your collection. I can’t wait until we start doing our pincushions. I absolutley love the pincushion that you gave to me for Christmas.Tomorrow I am making a “solo” trip to Rosie’s! Hopefully I won’t get into too much trouble!You will have to teach me how to post on your blog because I am really starting to get into this! It really is addicting and it helps to keep me motivated to do more quilting!I also LOVE your buttons!Until next time…Happy Quilting!

  2. Welcome to blogging! I love your fabric thumb tacks! And your Moda U blocks! I couldn’t email you back because you don’t have an email linked to your profile. I got the cool background by editing the html. I”m really busy right now and it is kind of hard to edit, so I can’t show you right now. Maybe after work slows down a bit!

  3. Hi Cara, Thanks for dropping by my blog and especially thanks for leaving a comment. I too have a cute cathedral window pin cushion, it has 4 ‘windows’ on each side.

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