An answer and a little reno…

Well I have not really been getting much accomplished as the Nook is gettting a little freshening up and renovated (pics to come below!) so I am writing today about needle turn applique. Debbie (see April 4 post) recently asked me about my technique and since I have not figured out how to respond to comments directly ( and for some reason cannot get on her blog to leave a comment, Sorry Debbie!) I thought this would answer it best. I was actually taught to do needle turn in 2002 when I was taking a class from my LQS in North Carolina. There was a instructor, Shelli, that I loved and she was teaching a class called “Star of My Heart” ( one of my favorite quilts- hoping to be done soon! see the to be quilted list! ). This class was to teach us how to piece star blocks, applique and hand quilt. Some did the machine applique with the zig-zag stitch and some used needle turn- I chose needle turn. These little hearts were so fun to do! Well now we are a few years later and I wanted to do the Stars Around the Garden block of the month at my LQS. Again we had the choice of applique method and being a fan of hand work, I chose needle turn. Of course I needed a refresher so I asked and Doris recomended to use Needle Turn Applique Made Easy by Robin Pandolph. Wow! What a great book! I still reference it and it has a variety of techniqueas and projects. I use Roxanne’s glue baste it to hold them in place and tend to use colored thread that is a match.

Well, thanks Debbie for asking me and I hope that this story helps! Thanks also to anyone else who has visited the Quilt Nook and left comments! I appreciated those encouraging words about things I have done. Kind bloggers are definatley a blessing I can be thankful for!

Now the reason I have not got quilting to talk about is this…..==>

We are doing some renovation of the Quilt Nook! My husband and I decided to pull up the green carpet and put down laminate! So here to the left are the before pics and of course the paint touch ups above started it all! We finished the floor last night and while there is some tweaking to be done, I am happily moving my stuff back in and hoping to get back to work soon. Today I am also going to build my new cutting table cabinet for the room! Yippee! I think this change will definitely feel like a “studio” to work in! I’ll keep you posted and show the finished product soon!

So now I will leave you with a few more pics of the progress of the reno!

….and the final of the floor…

Happy Quilting!
T.T.F.N! ( in the words of Tigger!)

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