Still not very much Quilt time…

Well, still not as productive as I would have liked to have been this week…but…we did finish putting the room together ( with a small helper) and into working condition, so back to the quilting!!! Yippee!

I also managed to get the next block for Noah’s Ark BOM printed off and prepped ready to start stitching. Then since I was going insane not doing any quilting I pulled out my yo yo makers I bought a month or so ago and jumped on that bandwagon. I decided to fill one of my decorative jars with them and use the bags (upon bags) of scraps I have to make them…so here is my jar so far.

I have seen several different ways people are displaying their yo yo’s. Check here, here and here is a great tutorial for the makers. So I feel in good company! I would like to get some more sizes and some of the heart and flower makers too and then I will have a supply of cute embellishments on hand that will look great and use up scraps that would otherwise never be put to use! They are way addictive though and I foresee many yo yo’s being produced. Especially since my daughter wants to play with them. I even manged to put them on a pony holder for her and it has become her favorite accessory!

Otherwise, the doors came in for the new cutting station and all I need now is to work out lighting, get a better chair and put up some floating shelves! My Quilt Nook is now my happy place! I can’t wait to see what creations come to fruition in my spiffed up room!

I finally found a spot to display my wonderful vintage find-> a green work baby quilt! Stefanie and I found it at Rooster Creek in Temecula when I was visiting. So I thought you might like to see it! I am thinking I need one more set of hangers to prevent the corners from stressing.
When I get the doors finished I will take more pics!
Until later, happy yo yo making!

One thought on “Still not very much Quilt time…

  1. I just love you green emroidery quilt. Is it so sweet. My husband and I made a stitching nook for me in Sept and I have never been happier now I have a retreat center to go to! Saying hi for the first time.

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