A wonderful surprise!

Well, to my big surprise, on Wednesday I happened to notice that there was a parcel sitting on my front porch. I was not sure what it was as I was not expecting anything to come so imagine how excited I was to open the door and realize my Quilt Buddy had sent me some goodies! When I opened it I was greeted with this wonderful note and then proceeded to make the discovery of some neat goodies!!

The first I opened was a very cool, tres chic pincushion that she made- and boy does she know me!!! It was made out of some of my very favorite fabrics! Then there was a lovely box of tea that is just delicious! Then I found a great little tin filled with fabric for my stash, a cute plant stake and a little frog hugger for my flower pots-too cute! Last but not least a ME journal that is just screaming to have some nice things written in it.
It was a wonderful little surprise!
Thanks Stefanie! : )
Hope your day has some wonderful surprises in it too!

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