Back to work!

This week has been completely crazy! We returned from an impromptu visit to Disney world and I was able to finish putting the ‘Nook’ back together and got started on my commissioned projects. I am now scanning the photos for the one project and then I will applique them in place and can quilt it. I will show a sneak peak as soon as I download the photo. Then I need to put together the pillows for the other order and I am finished for May! I tell you, it feels great to be back in my space and working on quilts.
I have also been working on some yo yo’s for my jar. I am using a few in my current projects and I hope they add a little je nais se quoi. My parents are here visiting and it has been a nice break!
I hope to work on my WIP list sometime later this week and of course I need to go to my LQS for some backing fabric for the memory quilt. That means I can check out what was brought back from market! : ) yippee!
Well the pics have finished and I need to go print them and then applique them so….


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