Stithcer’s Angel and Heart Challenge

This past week I received a very special parcel! A while back I had joined Helen’s Stitcher’s Angel swap. I made and sent my gift but for some reason never received one back. My Angel (according to her blog) had some personal issues that prevented her from following through. My name was put on a […]


A wonderful surprise!

Well, to my big surprise, on Wednesday I happened to notice that there was a parcel sitting on my front porch. I was not sure what it was as I was not expecting anything to come so imagine how excited I was to open the door and realize my Quilt Buddy had sent me some […]


WOW! That’s the word of the week! Yesterday the post lady came and on my front porch were not one but two parcels just for me! When I got inside I could not decide which one to open first. SO I decided to open Stefanie’s (Quilt Buddy) first. Well to my delight it was my […]