Bit of a dilemma…

I have this wonderful fabric that is just screaming please use me and a quilt in mind for it…. BUT I also have 2 quilts in the TBQ pile and I have several WIP’s that need my attention. So here is my dilemma…I am torn with what to do! LOL! How many of us swear […]


Today I started my morning pretty much the same as any day… the wee one wakes me up way to early and we get up and start breakfast. Then when the kiddies are sitting with their breakfast I get tea and toast and go spend some time on the computer. Today I decided to catch […]

At last some finishes!

Well, I have finished the first quilt(s) in the new Nook! All of my finishes this week are commissioned projects from The Quilt Nook. The first is a memory quilt for a graduation gift. The recipient was in awe of her mom for getting this for her- I called it “Shabby Chic Memories”. She said […]

Back to work!

This week has been completely crazy! We returned from an impromptu visit to Disney world and I was able to finish putting the ‘Nook’ back together and got started on my commissioned projects. I am now scanning the photos for the one project and then I will applique them in place and can quilt it. […]

A wonderful surprise!

Well, to my big surprise, on Wednesday I happened to notice that there was a parcel sitting on my front porch. I was not sure what it was as I was not expecting anything to come so imagine how excited I was to open the door and realize my Quilt Buddy had sent me some […]

Still not very much Quilt time…

Well, still not as productive as I would have liked to have been this week…but…we did finish putting the room together ( with a small helper) and into working condition, so back to the quilting!!! Yippee! I also managed to get the next block for Noah’s Ark BOM printed off and prepped ready to start […]