A Compromise!

Well…I came to a solution of the previous dilemma…I decided to quilt one of the 2 TBQ quilts, since I have everything for it and in light of the fact that I pieced both quilts in the fall! LOL! I guess I was waiting for inspiration (and a better machine). I figure if I finish one of them then I won’t feel guilty starting a new project!

So I picked out the Organized Chaos quilt as I had an idea for what I wanted to do with it and basted it…Gee I wish I had this like Stefanie when doing this job! It was not too bad as the new floor in the Nook is perfect for basting- but did nothing to solve the sore knees and back! Anyway, I got down to quilting it and wanted to give a sneak of the WIP on my 440. I will have more to follow once it is bound and ‘quiltified’ but I wanted to post about solving my stalemate! It is nice to know there are other people out there who go through the same dilemma (I, unfortunately, go through this a lot! Too many quilts, not enough time LOL!)

Well, off to the nook to quilt my heart out!


One thought on “A Compromise!

  1. Your WIP is beautiful, Cara! And I ‘hear ya’ about the sore knees and back. I dread that part.Have fun ‘quilting your heart out’–I love that!

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