This is going to be a gooood week!

This has been quite a productive week! I actually finished quilting Organized Chaos and am taking it off the TBQ list YEAH! I still have to do the hand stitching on the last half of the binding. For me though, that is one of my fave parts and I know when I settle down to watch a little telly, I will have it finished in no time. So I will probably be posting the finished product sometime this week.

On another front I received a great little parcel in the mail that I had ordered after seeing some of them on Home Sweet Home.

Recognise the pink box??? Well here are the goodies I bought- and the pin cushions I bought them for! I now have ‘blinged‘ out pincushies!!! I highly recommend you go over to Pinks and Needle’s and get some for yourself– the pics do not do them justice!

Of course I am gearing up for a great week ahead- plenty of sunshine, a warm pool, lots of quilting to be done and this coming Saturday is the monthly ‘strip’ club at my LQS, Lil Country Quilt Shoppe. I cannot wait to see what Susan and Doris have come up for this month! I also am looking forward to seeing the products from market! Yes this is going to be a great week!

On a closing note, the other thing that came in the mail this week was my EQ software for Dear Jane….Yep, I am jumping in with both feet! In fact here are my first 2 blocks completed!!!! First to start the whole process I started with an easy one…A-6 Uncle Homer and then I tried out this freezer paper tutorial ( thanks Wendy : ) it really made this block a cinch!) to piece together H-13 Farm Fields.

I also cut out the corresponding plain triangles (does anyone know if they are to be included in the count???). So I guess my Dear Baby Jane status is officially at 2-0-0-16 (or if I count the plain tri’s 2-2-0-18?). I am very excited about this quilt! I think I am pop an email off to Anina here to see if I can join the support! I also highly recommend getting the software if this is a journey you would like to take or are all ready taking- very helpful and makes the progress way easier! (note: you do not need to have EQ to run it). In fact I will be going to go do some more blocks tonight after this is posted.

Yep…This is going to be a goooood week!



9 thoughts on “This is going to be a gooood week!

  1. Ohhh…you did order them…they are wonderful…have to go there right away and look…thanks for reminding me…;D

  2. Your Dear Jane blocks are so wonderful. I have read/browsed/envied all about this endeavor and it is so nice to ‘know’ someone who is doing them….and doing such a beautiful job too!

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