A little quilt and some instant gratification.

I wanted to share a finish that is not mine…actually it is my brothers girlfriend Rosie’s.

At the end of June my brother and his family came to visit us for a few days and I was showing Rosie some of the fabrics that I had in my stash/scraps and she started playing around with them and she ended up making her first quilt! It is a little quilt and it turned out really well I think.Here it is displayed in the nook and one of Rosie holding her finished product! She did a great job and I look forward to her playing in the Nook again sometime! Good job Rosie!

Then this past week I was trying to finish up Star Struck but decided I was not sure how I wanted to quilt it. I felt like I need some instant gratification so….here is what I did!

The pattern is “Patched Quilt Carrier” from Patchwork and Stitching Volume 8 No 2, that my friend Stefanie sent me in my latest awesome parcel. (the pictures were not very good sorry). I usually use a plastic carry bag to take my show and tell but this is way better! I can even use it for a shopping bag when at the quilt shop too!

As I mentioned, Stefanie sent me another one of her amazing parcels. She had the theme as lemonade by the pool. Inside was a pitcher that was full of yellow fabrics and then there was also 2 Australian Patchwork magazines included to read with that lemonade. Lots of wonderful stuff inside them that has been added to the wishlist of things to do. As usual she was spot on about me- yellow fabric to brighten my stash and my love of Australian quilting!
Hope you are enjoying a nice glass of lemonade yourself!


5 thoughts on “A little quilt and some instant gratification.

  1. Hi CaraI hope you can make some lovely projects from the magazines! We are so lucky in Australia. Your brothers girl friend did a great job too!

  2. Love the bag! How nice that your brothers girlfriend has been inducted into quilting – she did a great job – hope it is the first of many!

  3. Boy, there is just something so wonderful about Australian quilting–makes my heart melt. Your bag is adorable—love the patchy-ness of it. And wow! Rosie just started to play with some fabs and that was the result??!! That is sooooo wonderful!

  4. Oh WOW love the look of Star Struck. Where on earth do you find the time with little children? Love your blog and all you do.

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