A productive week!

This week I have gotten a few things accomplished and am ready to tackle the rest of my WIP’s!

To start with I made 2 pillow cases for our guild as one of the girls, Ashley (no blog), had a sew-in that I could not attend to complete as many as possible for Con Kerr. I took those to our monthly meeting on Thursday- all in all she managed to have our guild members make and donate 102 pillow cases! Way to go Ashley! What a great cause for us to be involved in!

Then I was able to finish piecing the quilt top for Star Struck. So now it has been added to the To be Quilted pile Yippee! Now when I get batting I will be going to work on the quilting process!

I also finally got my embroidery module to work with Vista (thanks Bry!) and finished the embroidering on The Shabby Angel Baby Quilt for my neighbor. In the same order the lovey quilt to match was able to be quilted and delivered!

Then got started on my Designer BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop. I did not get very far though as I found my son standing on what appeared to be my Heirloom/dress box. He had pulled it from my closet to use as a stool for some reason. So once I removed him from the top of it, I found myself looking thought the box and remembering the dresses I have made for the little ballerina (my daughter). She is such a girlie girl and still has one of the sun dresses I made for her that she is constantly wearing and asking me to wash it ( I made it long so I could keep letting the hem down until she outgrows it.) She came in while I was doing this and saw the fabric I had had out from the pillow cases and the book of Jumper’s and asked if I could make her another dress. Being that I am a sucker for manners, I got started once they went to bed. A few hours later this is what I had.

Then the next day she wore it and I took these other pics. It was a little big in the top but I adjusted the buttons and I think she’ll get another summer out of it too! She was so excited- which of course just made my week!

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

3 thoughts on “A productive week!

  1. My goodness Cara she is adorable. I feel like I was just at your baby shower for her. Time sure does go by so quickly.Hugs,Shelly

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