Quilter’s Helping Quilter’s

Here is what I love about quilter’s- they are all such a generous, kind, caring and fun bunch of people. It is a kindred bond- one I am so fond of and happy to say I am part of this community. The biggest example I have seen this week is when I was over on Gudrun Erla’s blog. Gudrun is the designer/owner of G.E. Designs ( a wonderful designer whom I am a big fan of her patterns an such -see my dilemma in an earlier post). She has reached out to all quilters in blog land to help the quilters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As you know that area has been hit with massive flooding and a lot of people have lost everything. She has organized to collect donations of quilting supplies for the quilters that have lost in the floods . So if you think you can help please hop on over to her blog- http://gudrun.typepad.com/my_weblog/– for all the details and to see how helpful and generous your fellow quilters can be!


2 thoughts on “Quilter’s Helping Quilter’s

  1. I agree about the ‘kindred bond’! It’s such a strong thread that connects all of us. A life-line, really.

  2. Cara, I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing all of your wonderful quilts and fabric projects. Thank you for your help with the lollipops and plastic bags. (I’ve decided to leave them on) Take care.Aloha!

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