A Cool Coincidence…

I swear August sure is going by in a flash! I have barely had any major quilting time since my last post but I have managed to start yet another new endeavor- English Paper piecing. I know that those of you who also read my friend Stefanie’s blog are going “what?!” but we swear, it was not planned! What I am talking about is the fact that we are both doing the same thing (imagine that). The funniest part about it though is that neither of us new the other was doing it. I read on her blog about the quilt inspiring one of her purchase from the Long Beach Quilt show but did not imagine that it was English Paper Piecing (EPP). Then I read how it was the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt in her post and that she bought the same size hexes as I did! I called her immediately to tell her I had ordered the same thing straight from here after reading Camille Roskelley’s tutorial on her website Thimble Blossoms.

So…… this ……

Became this….

Then hopefully I will get the inspiration for the design as I get some flowers pieced….more to follow…

I also am making huge progress on my Home Sweet Home and this is a sneak peek of it…. I have a few birdhouses to finish and then I will baste it and I have decided (since hand work is the only thing I am accomplishing this week) to hand quilt it! It should get me back into practice I think!

Well, I am actually drafting this from the plane (to be cut and pasted into a post later), as I am headed out to San Diego for an impromptu visit to The Quilt Buddy’s house. We have lots of quilting to do, shop hopping to do and of course the reason for the trip is the Cottage Quilts outdoor quilt show!!!! So excited! I will try to blog a little this weekend!

Oh I almost forgot…in light of the fact that I managed to lug my sewing machine with me (I carried on) I would be very interested in hearing, in the comments, how people have travelled by air with their machines or if they have not. Also if you have any tips, trials or tribulations you have experienced in doing so! I look forward to reading your answers!

EDIT: This post was actually written last night. I have since arrived in San Diego safely and have already had a wonderful day here! We went to Old Town Temecula and met a really cool bloggy friend for the first time and in person, had lunch and shop hopped to a couple of awesome quilt shops! More on our cool meeting and the loot on the next post once I download the photos…but what a wonderful world the blogosphere is!


6 thoughts on “A Cool Coincidence…

  1. Hey my friend,I’ve been working on a Grandmothers flower garden quilt forever! LOL I love it though and will finish it one day.I can’t believe you went to Temecula!! Totally jealous! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure.Hugs,Shelly

  2. Hi Cara!!!It was sooooo good to meet you and Stefanie. I am glad you two asked me to meet you in Temecula. Your both little cuties!!! I hope you had or are having a great time with Stefanie!!! HugsSharon

  3. I have to admit that I travel with my machine and I always take it as carry on. I have never had any problem. Can’t wait to see pics of your trip…Polly in Long Beach

  4. Your hexagons are so beautiful! I love the colors you are using. And your progress on Home Sweet Home is coming along soooooo well!~Enjoy your trip!

  5. Very interested in this post as I’m collecting fabrics for GFG quilt. I love the hexagons and think it will be very therapeautic to stitch them.Your stitchery is gorgeous.

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