Shop Hopping with the Quilt Buddy!

Well, where to start…I am back form San Diego and what a whirlwind it was! It took me a day to just veg out and get back to East coast time and routine…so about my visit!

It was cool! On the first day Stefanie and I went to Temecula and met up with a fellow blogger at the Quilter’s Coop- who, you ask? Well it was none other than Red Geranium Cottage blogger, Sharon! I tell you she is one cool lady! We went to this cute little barbecue place down the road from the Coop and had a leisurely lunch chatting the whole time. I really did not want it to end!

After lunch we walked back to the Quilter’s Coop to do some shopping and sadly had to say good-bye to Sharon. It was great to meet you Sharon! You are awesome!

So we went into the Coop to drown our sorrows with some retail therapy! My how cute the Coop is- check out the loads of samples they have hanging and they have a wonderful selection of fabrics and patterns. I bought some gathered Ric-rack and some patterns from here.

Then we went onto Rooster Creek- wonderful stitchery store with some antiques and shabby chic decor products in the front. I bought some wool felt for a couple of the patterns from the Coop and a cute little felted bunny for The Little Ballerina.

Then we were off to get some Starbucks and to go home. We decided to get Rubio’s for supper. Let me tell you , if you have not tried their beer battered fish burrito…go get one…they are to die for! I dreamt about them the previous night knowing I could not get them out here on the East Coast! Yummm!

Well, I will leave you with that for now and tomorrow I will post about the second day and the Country Loft’s outdoor quilt show as well as the loot we got there! Also, here is my Hexagon progress- check out all of that Fig Tree love! : )

Until then…T.T.F.N.


7 thoughts on “Shop Hopping with the Quilt Buddy!

  1. You made it home!!! I’m glad you and Stefanie had a good time shopping. I’ve not tried that burrito so I must do so and soon. Love all your hexagons. You’ve been cranking them out. Did you do them on the plane??It was great to meet you and get to hang out and have lunch. I didnt want it to end either.

  2. Quilter’s Coop and Rooster Creek are a copule of my favorite shops. Hey . . . I was at the Country Loft outdoor show. I wonder if we saw each other *s* Mmmmmm – fish tacos, aren’t they great?

  3. Looks like it was a perfect getaway! Lucky you to meet Sharon. I can’t believe you are making hexes out of fig tree, I have a whole container of FT over there>>> waiting for just that purpose!!

  4. I am not green with envy. I am not green with envy. I am not….…it sounds like a fantastic time! And no, I’m not green with envy.What a fabulous time — thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello! I found your blog on the Stitcher’s Angel website. LOVE the hexagons! What fabric line are you using? It looks so familiar…

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