More Shop-hopping with the Quilt Buddy!

So on the second day I was out visiting the Quilt Buddy, we headed on over to The Country Loft for their annual Quilt show. This show was awesome! On display were some beautiful quilts from their vast list of classes as well as some made by students and instructors. In the front of the store they had all the quilts that were on sale for Sew For The Cure. I purchased an awesome fall wall hanging. All proceeds from the sales of these quilts went to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. What a wonderful way to raise money for a cause that is dear to my heart! The Country Loft itself is the cutest thing ever! It literally is a cottage and has this gorgeous white picket fence surrounding it. Inside is beautiful displays of quilts, wall hangings, and their projects mixed in with antiques and prims. Out behind the store they had a gorgeous little courtyard that was decked out in the other quilts. Too cute! They also support a lot of local pattern makers and of course their teachers (see here , here and here). If you ever wanted a variety of classes to take this store has it! Oh my! I am contemplating going to see Stef just to take one of their classes! LOL!

One of my favorite Quilts on display was this Dear Jane quilt (finished!) and it gave me new found inspiration and I wanted to head home to work on my blocks to get here too! The Country Loft is actually having this as a class to support and help you accomplish this awesome quilt.

All in all, the visit to The Country Loft was awesome! I spent most of my money there as they had a great variety of things I wanted. Of course when we headed back to the car to go to Rosie’s, lookie what we saw…

I could not, of course, resist getting my fix! Then we loaded up and headed off to Rosie’s Calico Cupboard in search of more goodies!
What another great day of shop hopping! It of course was made even more fun by the fact I was by the side of my bestest quilt buddy! : ) Unfortunatley this is where the journey ended, as I was on the plane back to the East coast the next day. Thank you Stefanie for having me for a wonderfully awesome quilt filled weekend!

8 thoughts on “More Shop-hopping with the Quilt Buddy!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip – it is always lovely to spend time with friends, especially if it involves discovering new quilt stores!

  2. wow!! you girls had so much fabric fun!! So glad to hear of your adventures together. I miss my buddy now she has moved to the other side of Australia…we used to do shop hopping all the time. It was the best!! Jo x

  3. The Country Loft sounds absolutely gorgeous! How wonderful to spend the day with quilting friends and oh… can’t forget the yummy Starbucks!

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