Happy Fall!

Wow! I can’t believe it has been 2 weeks since I last posted?!! I guess September is getting away from me too quickly! I have obviously not been getting any type of quilting done, but the past few days have seen an increase on that. Today I dropped the little ones at pre- school and came home with the idea of using the time to complete a project. In light of the fact I only had a couple of hours, I decided to go for some instant gratification and made a candle mat from wool. The pattern is from Bareroots– a pattern (among others) I purchased while in San Deigo on our shop hop. They are a cute line of these little penny rug wool mats- perfect for my kitchen island’s candle! I used ‘Nina’ [ a.k.a. my sewing machine!] to blanket stitch the appliques down and did the french knots and window treatment by hand. All in all I completed the project on time and now can have a cute spot for my candles to sit! I also have the Hearts & Flowers Mat and Santa & Reindeer Mat patterns to complete so they will have to be another day!

In other news, I received a wonderful envelope from my dear Quilt Buddy this week- in it was 2 Thimble Blossoms patterns from the giveaway Camille had earlier in the month. Thank you to Stefanie for sharing her winnings with me and I would also like to extend a huge thankyou to Camille for autographing them for me! I absolutely love your patterns and your new fabric! I am going to add them to the top of my ‘To Do’ pile and find some yummy fabrics to make them out of! If you have not seen her Thimble Blossoms patterns please check them out as they are fabulous (as is her blog)!

Well, I am off to play some more with ‘Nina’ and see if I can get my Stars around the Garden top pieced and then on to some Dear Jane blocks I think! Hopefully that will mean a post or two later on…

May you always have somewhere cute to set your candles!
oh and Happy Fall!


I also wanted to say Thank you to Tracey at Flower Pebble for tagging me! I do appreciate it so to pass it on…hmm…I will say that if you have not checked out The Quilt Buddy’s blog yet please pop over- she is quite creative and uses the best fabs in her projects! Otherwise, I say if you are on my blog list and would like to pass on the Kreativ Blogger award, consider yourself awarded! All of you on my list keep me inspired and I love belonging to such an amazing community!


9 thoughts on “Happy Fall!

  1. Love the candle mat Cara. What a great buddy you have there. That Stefanie. She’s soooo nice. She told me the great news. WOOHOOOO I cant wait to see you guys again.

  2. I love your candle mat! It is so adorable. I’m a real sucker for anything with a little cottage on it. Love seeing all of your projects! x

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