I think fall has arrived!

Wow! It has been a while! Well I have managed to get my Stars Around the Garden top pieced…I just have to do the applique in the border and I can add it to the To Be Quilted pile! Yahoo! I decided I loved the look of the applique in the border of this pattern, but not the plain border and I also still was partial to the squares but did not like that they were so small…so I altered it and used larger squares in the darker fabrics and in 2 of the corners I did cream squares for some applique- the best of both worlds! I really love how it has turned out! Hopefully I will be showing it completed very soon! The other project that I worked on was not really quilting related but part of an update to the Quilt Nook itself. I was finding my tiny wipe off board was not big enough to hold all the magnets and papers/notes that I would like so I decided to start a new project to make it more efficient. Here are the results…

As you can see I decided to use this awesome paint by Rust-o-leum that basically makes your wall a magnetic surface. After it cures you can leave it as is or paint over it with the wall color making it totally hidden. I have not decided yet if I am going to cover it or frame it out some how. Any thoughts? I also was sitting in my nook yesterday cutting out my freezer paper templates for the Stars applique, and I happened to notice that fall is definitely upon us…so I thought I would share the view I have from the Nook’s window with you.

I also have been tagged by Lenora over at Lenora Jenkins Designs! Thanks Lenora- sorry it has taken a while for me to post it so here goes…

To come up with seven random things…Hmmm…

1. I LOVE Starbucks lattes, cappuccinos and such but absolutely do not like straight up coffee.

2. I am a Canadian Registered Nurse who has worked in England and worked in a Neonatal ICU.

3. I used to ride horses (jumpers -hope to ride again soon) as did my mum when she was a teen.

4. I would love to go to Tahiti some day and stay in one of those over the water private huts.

5. I love playing games- such as word games, Sudoku and board games.

6. I used to love writing letters and was good at it-not so much now but I wish to someday get back to it- nothing like receiving a hand written note in the mail.

7. I would love to be a fabric designer one day for Moda…

Well I am supposed to tag 7 people…this part I am not so good at but I guess I will tag Stefanie, Dawn, Sharon and if you are someone who comments on my blog consider yourself tagged- let me know and I’ll come check you out! : )

Well, that is it for now…I have to finish up my stitcher’s angel prezzies and ship them across the pond to ….well now that would be a spoiler! I can’t wait to finish and send the parcel!
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “I think fall has arrived!

  1. I’ll get right on that list of weird things about me. Although Im not sure there are any weird things about me that everyone doesnt already know. LOLOL You know me I tell it all. Hey I wanna go to Tahiti with you.And I’m sure Stefanie would go too.

  2. I love the way you made the pattern your own. I’ve seen the pattern before…but you’ve really brought it to life. Great job.

  3. Your quilt has turned out soooo gorgeous! And your applique is just incredible.Thanks for the tag — I’ll start thinking of who I can now tag…..

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