More Piece and Plenty.

Today we awoke to snow! My little ones are ecstatic and sad at the same time! They both love the fact it is snowing but due to the fact it is supposed to get worse, the schools are closed today. Therefore I have a sad little ballerina who really wanted to go. I ,though, am relishing in the fact that a snow day means staying in and quilting! Yeah! I might still get a finish in for the challenge!

On the finishing note, I have managed to get 3 more blocks done for the MODA U Piece and Plenty over the weekend. Here they are:

Block # 13

Block # 14
This one is actually the filler block for # 14 but it is applique so I am including it in the blocks that I am finishing. The 2008 is to signify the year of the BOM not the finish.

Block # 15

So this puts me even closer to finishing at least the quilt top. Then I have to figure out how to quilt it.
Until the next set of blocks…

Oh and on a sad note, I read here that Mar of Pincushion Diaries passed away this weekend. It is very sad indeed. I never actually had the pleasure of meeting her in person but she was one of the first people I met when I started blogging. In fact I entered and won my first giveaway from her! She made this wonderful cherry pincushion and sent me some fabulous ME gifties. We have worked on similar projects and shared comments back and forth together. She was a very sweet, talented lady and I know I will miss her greatly. I hope her family realizes that she was loved in the blogosphere and that we are all keeping her loved ones in our prayers through this difficult time. Thank you Mar for showing me what wonderful people there are in the blogger world and may you Rest in peace.

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