A finish of sorts…

Oh my…January- where did it go? I can’t believe another month got away from me! This has to stop! LOL! Unfortunately I never did get a complete finish in time for January of the One Project a Month Challenge. I have several of my WISP’s being worked on but unfortunately chose the ones that will take the longest. I will be finishing in February though!
I did have finishes of a different kind though. A while back I had ordered from Robinson’s Woodcraft’s a quilt ladder and a wall shelf. Let me tell you- their workmanship is incredible! I will definitely be using them again! I have since painted them and put them in place with their perspective decor. The ladder is in our family room and houses the throw quilts used there. I decided to paint them black as we have several pieces in that color throughout the room and the kitchen. Here it is with some of it’s quilts.

Next we move to the foyer. I have wanted to warm this area up and so in the summer I started this quilt with the intention of hanging it in the foyer to welcome people. As you can see I painted the shelf the same black and it turned out better than I expected! Of course Home Sweet Home is not yet finished so it has not been hung. Instead I took one of the first quilts I made- and a fave, and hung it there instead. I also had been collecting some cute prim and quilty things to decorate the top with. Here is the final product!

I have some housekeeping to take care of now. First, I just wanted to let all of you that read my blog as well as those that leave comments know how much I appreciate you visiting me and I love to read what you think too! It is fun to see what others are doing. I have had a few comments as of late that I have not been able to respond to as they have a “no-reply” listed as their email. I have to apologize if you have not received a comment back from me but I cannot if this is the setting on your comment. If you are not sure what to do, go to ChookyBlue‘s blog, she has been kind enough to post on several different tips for Blogger! Anyways, thanks again for all of you who visit! I enjoy meeting you!
Second, I know I have said a couple of posts ago that I would blog about the Ornament exchange that Stefanie over at The Quilt Buddy and I did . I have found that my pics are very dark so I am referring you to her wonderful post here about our exchange. It was a fun thing to do and I believe we are doing it again next year! It is so cool to have such a good friend that you can do this with and it was interesting to see that we came up with fairly similar ideas! Check it out and let us know what you think!
And on the last note, when I went shopping for the Super Bowl munchies, I came across some awesome crackers! Check this out….
…a hexagon cracker flower! 🙂 What a hoot! They are Wheat Thins crackers and I thought they are the perfect snack for quilters!

Now all we need is hexie cheese!LOL! So, thanks for sticking through this longer post and hopefully I will make a dent in my WISP’s this month!
Happy snacking!

9 thoughts on “A finish of sorts…

  1. Love your quilt rack and ladder. And the quilts aren’t too bad either. LOL Haven’t seen those crackers before… will have to check them out. A quilter was definitely around when those were thought up! Very cute.

  2. I love the quilts displayed throughout your home. The one in the foyer is beautiful and probably my favorite! Love it! I love the cracker flower to – only us quilters would get that!

  3. Hi Cara,Thanks for the comment on the hexagon post. Freezer paper works great. I love your quilt ladder and the quilts too. I love painting things black…such a great accent color. I’m still working on the heart quilt pattern. Should get it out to you Friday. You know how life gets in the way! lolThanks,~Karen~

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, those crackers are so funny, I smiled when I first saw it on your blog page! See, we are thinking about quilting, even when we are not thinking about it!!! Did you post your Tisket block? I must have missed it.

  5. Leave it to you to find a hexagon cracker. Just go find yourself a cookie cutter hexagon and whoop there you have cheese to match. lolololLove your new ladder and quilt shelf. Great quilts too by the way.

  6. Oh my gosh those crackers are perfect – I’ve got to take them with me to my quilting retreat next week. I gotta go get them! I love how you display your quilts.

  7. I enjoyed seeing your cracker hexagon flower! When I first saw the tiny picture close to the top of your blog, the crackers looked like crochet hexagons.Your new quilt ladder and shelf are great. I very much like the quilt hanging from the shelf. It looks so soft and soothing!

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