Candle Mat

Today I decided to finally make this cute little Valentines wool candle mat. This is one of the many projects that I picked up the pattern and the supplies for the last time I was in San Diego. It is a pattern by Bareroots and called “Hearts and Flowers”. Not sure if it counts towards the OPAM challenge but it is something that has been in the queue for a while now. I replaced my house mat that I made for my kitchen island until Valentines day has gone then I will try to find an Easter one! Just a small finish but still something! I have a few of these patterns and they are a lot of fun to make. I did put buttons on the hearts though instead of felt just to make it a little different! Now I have to replenish my red button supply.

I am also continuing to work on my MODA Piece and Plenty blocks- 2 more appliques to finish and then I can finish the last 2 filler blocks! I have, however,started to put together the different sections that I have all of the blocks finished for. Hoping to have it finished this weekend to show at least the top! Otherwise, i have decided to go through my nook and make a list of my WISP’s as well as other projects that are not necessarily started, but that I have the pattern and supplies for already. This way,I won’t be at a loss for the OPAM challenge this month. So,back to work!
Happy WISPing!

14 thoughts on “Candle Mat

  1. This one is so sweet..I love it ..and I love Barri´s patterns!!Btw I love the look of your blog…love the buttons divider…:o)

  2. I love that candle mat, That looks so fun, I may have to think about one for myself…I love that it is PINK! Happy Valentines Day to you.

  3. It is sooooo cute. Our quiltshop got two boxes filled with wool today and in such wonderful colours. But I have never tried to make anything with wool before.

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