Hand Quilting….again!

So I have been itching to do some hand quilting lately- that is portable. I have a quilt on my Hinterberg frame but find I cannot get long periods of time to sit there, as it seems I have to be here, there and everywhere lately. So my solution- I pulled out my little mitten quilt that I pieced at the quilt retreat last month and put it on my hoop. At first, not so good…..but then, just like riding a bicycle or skating for the first time in a while- it came back to me! So now I am enjoying having something other than the computer to keep my hands busy while watching t.v.

Here is the hoop and quilt sitting in front of our Christmas tree. I am hoping that I can finish this sooner than later and maybe actually use this little quilt this season!
Well, back to work!
Happy Hand Stitches!


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